Naked Freedom

Naked Freedom started from a rant on an artist list serve to create a Spencer Tunick type photograph. Nothing was planned and after a few poses the group took off and improvised in responce to their environment, Freedom Park. The event was announced and open to anyone that was willing. No arrests have resulted from any of the performances.


This is the only photo of this event released to the public. The event was written about in the Atlanta Journal and the Washington Times and a local Naturalist Publication.


Click on the image above to see the short slide show of this event. This was the first event to be released to the public.


This is the third performance of the four Naked Freedom Performers in Freedom Park Atlanta, GA in 2005. Music by Kevin Haller and Barbara Vesley Johnson. It was dedicated to the memory of Ronnog Seaberg who participated in all four events.

This was the final event of naked frolicking in the park. As with all of these wonderful events it was the event that we will remember and the photographs are only to prove we did it.


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